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Winter Prep Package



Preping your vehicle for the harsh winter weather should be on your "To Do" list if you want to keep your car (and your investment) protected and keep it in good condition. Salt is used to de-ice the roads here in Western Pennsylvania and this can virtually "de-paint" your vehicle if it is not protected! The sand that is put down on the road can also be harmful to your vehicle's paint and wheels. Having a good coat of our Polymer Paint Sealant on your paint will provide a barrier between your vehicle's paint and the harsh winter elements. The salt, dirt, and sand not only affects the outside of your vehicle but the inside as well. 

The interior of your vehicle can also take a beating in the winter months. It is always a good idea to have heavy-duty winter mats (rubber or vinyl) that can take the bulk of the beating and protect MOST of the carpeting but there is still a good chance that you will get some snow, sludge, salt and sand on your carpeted floor board and floor mats. To prevent permanent damage and staining, and to make clean-up easier, you want to get your seats, carpet, and carpeted floor mats protected. Our Fabric Protection will close the carpet fibers and prevent anything that lands on the carpet from penetrating the carpet fibers if wiped up within a reasonable amount of time.

*Our Winter Prep Package includes a Unique Wash & Wax (with paint sealant upgrade), dressing on all exterior plastic and vinyl, Unique Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning (if leather interior), and our Fabric Protection our applied to all carpets and upholstery. (Save 15-25% by purchasing in this package)

***Have us apply our Polymer Paint Sealant to your wheels for an additional $25-50 depending on size.


Unique Platinum Detail


Our Unique Platinum Detail includes our Unique Hand Wash and prep, our Unique Polish & Wax, our Unique Interior Detail, and our Engine Shampooing service. It is a good idea to shampoo your car's engine once a year. It actually allows the engine to run cooler and more efficiently.

Our Platinum Detail also includes Fabric Protection to the interior carpet and upholstery, a Paint Sealant Upgrade instead of Wax, and some Minor Compounding to correct imperfections in the clear coat. Prior to any compounding or glazing/polishing, we also include our Clay Service where we clay the entire vehicle to cleanse the clear coat and remove any environmental fall-out/contaminents from your vehicle's clear coat.

Cadillac Escalade - Platinum Detail

Nissan 350Z - Platinum Detail

Chevrolet Cobalt SS - Platinum Detail

Infiniti QX56 - Platinum Detail

Unique Premium Detail

$139 - $189

Our Unique Premium Detail includes our Unique Hand Wash & prep, Unique Polish & Wax, and a Unique Interior Detail. You save 10% - 15% off of our regular prices when purchasing this package.

*Upgrade to Polymer Paint Sealant instead of the Cherry Wet Wax for up to 12 months of protection for an additional $20! This will protect your vehicle's clear coat for a longer period of time from pollutants and environmental elements that can cause damage.

Unique Premium Detail - Cadillac CTS

Unique New Car Protection Package


If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider protecting the vehicle's paint as well as the interior with our Unique New Car Protection Package. This Package features our Polymer Paint Sealant to protect your new vehicle's paint from environmental fallout and UV rays for a period of 9-12 months. Our Paint Sealant will also shine the surface like nothing you have ever seen! To maintain total protection and that slick glossy look all year-round, have us re-apply our Paint Sealant annually.

Also included with this package is our Fabric Protection for carpets and upholstery. Our Fabric Protection is odorless and colorless and acts as an invisible barrier that surrounds the fibers on your carpets and seats so that a spill cannot absorb into the fibers and cause a stain. This service will also keep your interior cleaner longer and make routine vacuuming easier. If your vehicle has leather seats we will also condition the leather with a pH balanced Leather Conditioner. This will keep your seats soft and supple and make them easier to clean. Our leather conditioner will prevent the leather from drying out and eventually cracking as well.

Most new car dealers charge between $500 - $1000 for this package! Why pay that? Save hundreds of dollars with us and you can be sure the work and preservation of your vehicle is getting accomplished correctly.

Unique Sell-Car Package


If you are selling your vehicle you should consider preparing your vehicle with our Unique Sell Car Package. This Package features a 1-Step Glaze and Wax to correct minor imperfections and bring your paint to a brilliant shine!

You vehicle will receive our Engine Shampooing Service to clean and dress your engine to like-new condition. Everyone checks out a vehicle's engine prior to purchasing it even though there is a good chance they don't know what they are looking at! If your engine is clean and looking good people will think that you took good care of your car and not only will this help the vehicle sell quicker, but it will also help you get top dollar for your automobile.

We then vacuum the interior, clean the carpets and seats, wipe down all plastic and vinyl surfaces (dashboard, door panels, armrests, cosoles, levers, pockets, pedals, etc.), clean all windows and mirrors, vacuum the trunk, and dress the tires and trim.

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